Romantic American Choral Music | An Anthology compiled and edited by Davis P. DeVenney

Romantic American Choral Music

is a new publication featuring a vast and rich repository of “hidden” choral gems, a stunning anthology that reveals the overlooked American composers of choral music from the Romantic Era. Compiled and edited by David P. DeVenney, this book is a culmination of over 30 years of research and was selected for publication by the ACDA Publications Committee.

About This Book 

Romantic American Choral Music is an 8.5″ x 11” paperback book that contains thirty-three choral masterpieces from the 19 th century, a musical goldmine. Including both secular and sacred works, Dr. DeVenney selected each piece of music for its high musical merit and historical value. This anthology represents the most acclaimed American composers of the day and whose works have been inadvertently buried. The original source material is held in major American libraries and considered important to the understanding of our musical heritage. Included in Romantic American Choral Music is online access to twenty-two musical tracks from the book for listening and downloading at your convenience through Hal Leonard’s cloud-based MyLbrary. Every composition has been carefully edited and includes valuable historical commentary. This is a resource that will be required at every American choral institution.

David P. DeVenney on Romantic American Choral

Listen to Dr. DeVenney discuss nineteenth century America choral music in this short video. Learn about how this project came to be the anthology it is today and the musical discoveries that were just waiting to be uncovered.

About David P. DeVenney

David DeVenney has established a wide reputation as a conductor and scholar. His choirs have toured throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, receiving acclaim for their carefully prepared and musically exciting performances from audiences and critics alike. “I hope that this music fosters in singers, conductors, and scholars a greater appreciation for our American choral legacy.”—Dr. DeVenney

The “Sanctus” by George F. Bristow found in the
New York Public Library archives

Dr. DeVenney explains, “What starts very simply becomes much more complex as the solo unfolds and when the chorus re-enters at the end. It shares one thing in common with so much music from this period; wonderful things are still sitting in libraries waiting to be rediscovered.” Although the music in this anthology is public domain, each piece published in Romantic American Choral Music has been edited by Dr. DeVenney and is under copyright. Most of the pieces are available as separate publications in the Gentry Publications catalog and are available for purchase as physical octavos or digital downloads.

Romantic American Choral Music, an anthology compiled and edited by David P. DeVenney. Back Cover

An American Choral Legacy

The nineteenth century American composers published in this collection include William Batchelder Bradbury, George Frederick Bristow, Dudley Buck, George Whitefield Chadwick, William Wallace Gilchrist, Henry Hadley, John Knowles Paine, Horatio Parker and James Cutler Dunn (JCD) Parker.

The Three Wonderful Octavos

Dr. DeVenney speaks about three choral pieces that were recently released by Gentry Publications. They are superb representations of the artistry and craftsmanship included in the Romantic American Choral Anthology. This is music that will appeal to a wide audience of singers and listeners alike.

Romantic American Choral Music | An Anthology compiled and edited by Davis P. DeVenney

Romantic American Choral Music

There is a plethora of musical excellence to be discovered within this anthology.
This tome is a significant exhuming of America’s musical legacy and heritage that
has been overlooked and hidden for too long. This collection is an invaluable
resource for conductors and scholars seeking to explore the wonderful American
music from this era.


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The majority of the choral pieces in the Romantic American Choral Anthology are available separately. The American Romantic Choral Series, edited by David P. DeVenney, is published in the Gentry Publications catalog. Below is a complete listing of the series’ offerings.

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The ACDA Book Series is the result of a collaborative agreement between the American Choral Director’s Association and Hinshaw Music. This project was supervised through the ACDA Research and Publications Standing Committee, chaired by John Silantien, managed by committee liaison Alan Gumm, and recommended for publication by a peer-review subcommittee of Gary Weidenaar (chair), Greg Gentry, Robert Sabourin, and Richard Sparks.